DCP Retirement Services, LLC (DCP) offers a comprehensive range of administration, consulting and advisory services to employee benefit plans. DCP offers these services to plans that are sponsored by corporations, partnerships, LLC's, self‑employed individuals, associations and not-for-profit organizations.  We also service government and union plans.  DCP handles plans that are non‑insured, fully insured, or split funded, with or without employee contributions.  We service all types of plans, including Defined Benefit plans, Defined Contribution plans, and non-qualified plans (SERP).  Employee stock ownership (ESOP) and 401(k) plans are also serviced.  DCP utilizes computer programs that feature a full library of sophisticated administration software, enabling us to provide individualized service to each client.   

     Bernard Forseter is the president of DCP.  Assisting is a staff of cooperative, well‑trained, reliable employees.  DCP has clients in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and such other states as Florida, Texas and California.  

     DCP is willing to assume the position of Contract Administrator (administrative agent) for clients who have (or contemplate installing) employee benefit plans.  We work closely with a client's accountant, attorney, financial advisor, and life underwriter to design, install and administer all types of plans.  We accept all responsibilities conferred upon us by law, custom, or agreement.  DCP pledges good faith and professional resources to accomplish the goals of its clients. 

     DCP markets no insurance products and does not offer investment advice or investments for sale.  We are compensated on a fee basis only.



                                                                                  DCP Retirement Services, LLC

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